What is an Area of Opportunity?

  1. An area that is not overly dense that can benefit from additional coverage, growing outward from a dense region.
  2. An area that is lacking coverage but is highly traveled between two regions. Generally major travel routes between major hubs. For example, between Victorville and Mammoth or LA and Northern California:
Yellow highlights road heavily traveled, green represents mapped Helium network coverage
  1. Ubiquitous coverage around major hubs and growing outwards from there. This allows solutions and products to have far reaching use cases beyond just the major cities, but into the regions beyond.
  2. For applications such as asset tracking, having coverage between major metros is important. By building coverage in these extended areas, we enable cheaper tracking solutions and new products that extend beyond city centers.

How do we identify these areas?

What on chain data do we look at?

  1. Transmit Scaling
  2. How many online vs offline
  3. 30 day rewards of online hotspots
  • Average earnings of all hotspots
  • Top earner
  • -25% hotspots are earning over what amount?



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